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Digital Warehouse For SAP ERP & S4

Mobile solutions for IM, WM, EWM warehouses processes

Minimize picking mistakes, go paperless

It's 2024, and you have dozens of SAP IM managed warehouses, everyone is using papers, entering data manually into SAP, making receiving and shipping mistakes. With DG4 mobile app for receiving, picking and fixed bin management,all with barcode scanning, you will eliminate paper, minimize mistakes and increase efficiency.

Focus on what really matters

Implementing a WMS solution sounds like a great idea, but do you really need it for all of your warehouses? WM projects require extensive planning, process analysis, system configuration, master data collection maintenance, custom development, change management and management overhead. With DG4, none of that is required. You can focus on what really matters: improving efficiency, eliminating mistakes, keeping things simple.

Zero development, Zero customization

When you focus on what your really need, your warehouse digital project become extremely simple: zero development, zero customizing, zero change management, minimum risk. Success is guaranteed.

DG4 Features

Picking for Delivery

Pick materials with barcode scanning for maximum confidence, accuracy and efficiency

GR from Vendor

Receive goods against purchase orders, with powerful P.O. item search and barcode scanning of everything.

GR from Production

Receive goods from a production order

Documentary Fixed Bins

Manage fixed bin for warehouse materials to improve warehouse processes efficiency

Native Mobile App

Enjoy the best digital experience possible today with a native mobile application. Learn and implement quickly

Barcode Everywhere

Everything you do in DG4 is supported by barcode scanning - minimizing mistakes, increasing efficiency. Define your own barcode structures to eliminate manual data entry.

DG4 Mobile App

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